Prof. Ottman A. Tertuliano

AMA Family Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Postdoc | Mechanical Engineering | Stanford 2021
Ph.D | Materials Science | Caltech 2018
B.S. | Mechanical Engineering | Columbia 2013


Kailin Chen, PhD

PhD | Mechanical Engineering
University of Illinois Chicago 2022

BS | Mechanical Engineering
Northeastern University Shenyang 2017

PhD Students

Luc Capaldi

BS | Mechanical Engineering
University of Vermont 2022

MEAM PhD Student


Riti Sharma

BS | Mechanical Engineering
Manipal Institute of Technology 2020

MS | Bioengineering
University of Auckland 2021

MEAM PhD Student

Alexander Bolaños-Campos

BS | Bioengineering
University of California, Berkeley 2023

BE PhD Student

Mistica Lozano Pérez

BS | Biomedical Engineering
University of Texas at San Antonio 2023

BE PhD Student

Masters Students

Elaine Chesoni

BS | Math and Psychology
Santa Clara University 2014

MBA | Emphasis on Data Science
Santa Clara University 2017

MEAM Masters Student

Jinqiao Li

BS | Materials Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2021

MSE Masters Student

Olivia Schuler

BS | Biomedical Engineering
Drexel University 2021

MEAM Masters Student


Alexander Mejia


PURM Fellow 2022

LRSM Summer Fellow 2023

Trinity Chandler-Rutling

Drexel Mechanical Engineering

LRSM Summer Fellow 2023

Visiting Scholars

Devina Harnita

BS | Biology | Penn State 2016

MS | Education | 2019

RET Fellow 2022

Teacher at William W. Bodine For International Affairs High School


Jinqiao Li – MSE Masters Student

Olivia Schuler – MEAM Masters Student

Alexander Mejia – MEAM Undergraduate Student

Trinity Chandler-Rutling – Drexen Undergraduate Student

Devina Harnita – Teacher at William Bodine For International Affairs

We are hiring!

We welcome researchers with different backgrounds in mechanical engineering, materials science, bioengineering or related fields. If you are interested in joining us, contact Prof. Tertuliano at with your CV and briefly describe your research interests. Prospective PhD students should also apply to the MEAM, MSE, or BE PhD program and indicate their interest in working with us. We encourage interests from undergraduates, masters students, and postdocs. .

Photo Gallery

The Group tops golf (2023/12)

The Group hikes Wissahickon (2023/08)

The Group has better beamtime (2023/06)

The Group has beamtime (2022/12)